Pleasant and useful

This is our own programme, which has been functioning for nearly 15 years organising family holidays in interesting and beautiful places during summer and winter time. Our main aim of these holidays is to combine rest for the entire family with educational courses on moral, social, and spiritual spheres of human life. We propose such a way of spending free time that allows us to help those people who decide to go on our holidays to find appropriate ways of achieving their aims. Hence, participation in the particular points of our programme is voluntary so as to allow families choose points which they are mostly interested in. Since the very beginning of our foundation, we have also provided families who go on winter holidays with time for skiing. A great majority of them fell in love with winter sports thanks to our foundation. In order to suit people’s expectations, we finally managed to organise a holiday in a foreign country, which was Italy (the Apennines) this year. It emerged that it was a really fantastic experience for everyone - arrangers and participants alike. We also organise summer holidays. Although it is a brand new effort, we have already noticed a great interest. Our first trip, in which mainly married couples and priests longing to strengthen their spiritual faith participated, was organised to the Holy Land. As we have succeeded in such an enterprise as well, we will organise another holidays this year: a reforming retreat with Father Pio (July) and a retreat associated with The Virgin Mary in Medjugorje (August). Our programmes are available to everyone. We shall be very happy to cooperate with even these families which are not members of any parish associations. We have gained experience which showed us that thanks to combining rest and play, a lot of people have found their place in the Church. This includes, for example, those within Families of In-home Church. It incentivises us to keep working on our projects. Until this moment, over 200 families have chosen our programme, which proves that there is a really huge interest. We really want to make our project a „Pleasant and useful” open door for families. Thanks to it, we want to provide them with crucial values of moral and spiritual life as well as interesting ways of spending their free time. Locally, we organise a Family Feast, held in Swietochlowice (Poland). It is a proposition mainly for the inhabitants of our town. Our aim is to provide our families with an active way of spending their spare time. We organise competitions, games, artistic performances and other fascinating attractions. At the same time, we try to help poor people. The Feast ends every year with a conjoint prayer at 9 p.m.

School for Parents and Educators

„A School for Parents and Educators” is a programme for every person looking for a way of forming closer and warmer relations with children or charges. Its main objective is to support parents and educators to cope with working with children and young people. This programme provides educators with means of improving their intercommunication skills. It also gives time for reflection on their personal childrearing methods. They can exchange experiences, too. It leads to better relations and better dialogue skills. It also shows a great significance of mutual respect. The main motto of this programme is: „Bringing up = love and being demanding”. Teaching the ability to openly communicate within the family also provides people with a strong tie between parents and their children, which, according to the results of J. D. Hawkins’s exploration, makes this programme a prophylactic one. Our programme is based on the following books: E. Mazlish pt. „Jak mówić, żeby dzieci nas słuchały. Jak słuchać, żeby dzieci do nas mówiły”, „Rodzeństwo bez rywalizacji. Jak pomóc własnym dzieciom żyć w zgodzie, żeby samemu żyć z godnością”, „Wyzwoleni rodzice, wyzwolone dzieci. Twoja droga do szczęśliwej rodziny”, „Jak mówić, żeby dzieci się uczyły w domu i w szkole”, „Jak mówić do nastolatków, żeby nas słuchały. Jak słuchać, żeby z nami rozmawiały” (Wydawnictwo Media Rodzina). „A School of Parents and Educators” teaches not only methods, but also building relations based on dialogue. Subject matter: Part I - Creating relations between adult and child, including:
  1. Uttering our expectations and requirements in a way which is respectful to our child.
  2. Recognising, expressing and accepting feelings.
  3. Active, supportive listening.
  4. Motivating our children to cooperate with us.
  5. Modifying / changing improper behaviours of our child.
  6. Releasing our children from playing roles enforced on them in school and home.
  7. Supporting the process of our child’s growing up.
  8. Providing our child with a sense of being valuable.
  9. Constructive way of solving conflicts.
Part II - Supporting the process of building relations between our children (based on respect):
  1. Competition and jealously between children.
  2. Quarrels, struggles and other difficulties.
  3. Problems of justice, favouritism and selfishness.
  4. The impact of functions upon relations between children.
Part III - for parents and teachers of teenagers which concerns problems connected with growing up:
  1. Rebellion of youth.
  2. Wanting to become accepted.
  3. Need to make decisions for themselves.
  4. Precocious interest in sex.
  5. Drugs.
  6. Danger of mass media.

Archipelago Treasure

Program stanowi rozbudowaną i udoskonaloną wersję programu profilaktyki zintegrowanej „Wyspa Skarbów” rekomendowanego przez CMPPP. „Archipelag Skarbów” jest programem profilaktycznym skierowanym do młodzieży gimnazjalnej i ponadgimnazjalnej. Powstał w wyniku złożonej procedury, na którą składały się kolejne edycje modyfikowanych wersji programu poddawanych wieloaspektowej ewaluacji formatywnej (wizytacje ekspertów, 3 rodzaje ankiet z pytaniami zamkniętymi i otwartymi dla młodzieży, opinie nauczycieli, pedagogów i psychologów szkolnych). Adresatami są również rodzice uczniów biorących udział w programie jak również dla nauczycieli i wychowawców z danej szkoły. Celem programu jest zarówno profilaktyka uzależnień, przemocy, ciąż nastolatek, HIV/AIDS oraz wychowanie do miłości i odpowiedzialności. Program „Archipelag Skarbów” został pomyślany jako uzupełnienie i wzmocnienie szkolnego programu profilaktycznego i wychowawczego, i został przygotowany zgodnie z założeniami profilaktyki zintegrowanej. Wszystkie elementy związane z przekazywaniem wiedzy są przygotowane w postaci atrakcyjnych, udźwiękowionych prezentacji multimedialnych.

S.O.S for marriages

This programme involves married people and their marriage problems, but also it involves families and singles who are trying to find a solution of their problems. We want to kindly help such people and convince them that there are a lot of institutions supporting them in difficulties of various kinds. Thanks to professional guidance, we are able to provide people who need help with proper institutional support. In case of any problems, we invite you to contact our foundation. We are open and ready to help you!

The Bible and Finances

Crown Financial Education is one of the best compilations regarding God’s financial policy. These programmes create a spiritual view on reality in us, which we need very much as Catholics. A lot of people believe that achieving financial freedom is determined by personal budget and investing for future times. However, that is only a partial truth. The main factor which motivates our financial decisions is our own heart. Thus, it is crucial to fill it with God’s wisdom. Therefore, we should ask ourselves the following question: how many of us are aware of the 2300 lines in the Bible with God’s financial advice? Crown Financial Course will help us with:
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes within the sphere of finances
  • Finding the way to get rid of our debts
  • Creating a well-functioning home budget
  • Planning a sensible saving, investment and donating system
  • Giving basic abilities of financial management to our children
  • Deepening our awareness of work and eternal importance
  • Pursuing financial freedom
  • Releasing ourselves from unnecessary worries
Duration of this course: In order to get the best results possible, we strongly recommend making our course last no less than 10 weeks. All participants need to use a handbook and a notebook of practical usage. The best results are usually reached in groups of 6-12 participants supervised by professional instructors. If you are interested or have any questions, contact us by email: