Foundation organs of government: Foundation Committee and Foundation Board. Foundation Committee Members:
  • Mariusz Złotoś - Committee Chairman
  • Michał Kulejewski
  • Andrzej Warchoł
Foundation Committee is an organ that controls, establish rules and gives opinions on Foundation and its projects. Committee members choose Committee Chairman. Foundation Board Members:
  • Eugeniusz Fick - President of the Board
President of the Board can appoint Advisory Forum that works on strategy and projects of Foundation. Foundation Board runs Foundation projects and represents the organization. Managing Board Members:
  • Helena Kromer - Foundation Director
  • Jacek Drażyk - Deputy Director
  • Marta Fick - Public Relations
Secretarial Staff:
  • Joanna Grendowicz - Assistant of President of the Board
  • Natalia Luks - Graphic Designer
  • Aniela Stępień - Manager of Fundraising Department
Volunteers helping with Foundation projects and current events:
  • Danuta Dubiel - Volunteer of Disabled People Department
  • Adam Balcarek - Volunteer of Disabled People Department
  • Jacek i Jolanta Wyciślok - Volunteers running therapies with people with addictions
  • Bogdan Boruta - Volunteer of Bible and Finances project
  • Małgorzata Bryła - Volunteer of marriage counseling
  • Danuta Złotoś - Volunteer of Training for Parents and Teachers project
  • other volunteers can be found under 'Help us - Volunteers'