Our objectives are:
  1. Helping Polish families domestically and abroad.
  2. Supporting marriages in difficult situations.
We fulfil our objectives by:
  1. Facilitating dialogues (especially within families), also between social groups. Moreover, we deal in developing communication between societies.
  2. Preventing violence and behaviours which impoverish relationships within societies and by prophylaxis of addictions.
  3. Initiation and supporting of novel activities concerning diverse spheres of social life, especially protecting family life and social prophylaxis.
  4. Popularising the idea of family and social mediation.
  5. Supporting disabled people.
  6. Cooperating with all Catholic churches.
  7. Building-up and organizing voluntary service.
  8. Charity work.
  9. Promoting and protecting the health sphere.
  10. Supporting education.
  11. Advocating equality of people and groups, and preventing isolation and discrimination (it concerns mainly women and helping them to return to professional activity after a period of time spent working at home).
  12. Dissemination of using modern technologies in civic guidance (generally).
  13. Inspiring cooperation towards organizations which have their statutory objectives connected with cultural and educational development, especially in the sphere of sport and preservation of the environment, charity, health preservation, social service, vocational and social rehabilitation.
  14. Organizing actions supporting economic growth, including entrepreneurship development.
  15. Organizing actions supporting European integration and development of cooperation between societies.