Saint John Paul II Foundation of Polish Families has come into being as a votive of acknowledgement for the Polish Pope’s papacy. We cooperate with all Christian churches and pursue Polish families spiritual help domestically and abroad. There are many ways of helping these families, such as mediations, educational courses, „School for Parents and Educators”, as well as other ways of improving dialogues. Our course has been designed mainly for spouses, parents, teachers and pedagogues. Nonetheless, working with young people and children is significant, as well. We try to support them and help them to cope with difficult experiences. We teach them how they should solve their conflicts properly and how to handle an emotional crisis. During our educational course, we provide them with appropriate knowledge concerning relationships with other people. We show them a way of finding the good in other people. We teach them how they should detect their own advantages. We show them the importance of dignity, as well as the prominence of love within everyday life situations, and finally, ways of expressing it using gestures, words and behaviour. We organize educational holidays, on which they can discover the importance of moulding their body and spiritual condition. We do our best to show them the bright side of life and the beauty of simple situations and behaviours. We show them the beauty of the surrounding world. These efforts have a great impact upon strengthening unity within marriages and families, and also helping with growth in love and unity.